The CuePad Is Born!

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The CuePad Is Born!

The CuePad Is Born!

The CuePad was born out of frustration at the lack of good quality, good looking cleaning pads for snooker and pool cues. The remit was simple:

1. Loosen the dirt on the cue shaft, allowing it to be easily wiped off with a dry cloth or duster.
2. Do NOT sand down and remove the wood from my cue shaft like sandpaper.
3. Fit in a cue case without it’s own dedicated space and not damage my cue in transit.
4. Last for years.. I don’t want to have to purchase these every few weeks!
5. Look good! OK, I’m a little anal but snooker/pool accessories don’t have to look cheap and nasty.
6. Feel good and work well!

And that’s what CuePads do!! These are not a miracle product; in fact they harp back to the old school days, if anything. On the one side you have a Scotch Brite type pad but not the one your Mum used for the washing up. It’s very similar but much finer and lighter and not so abrasive. This type of pad is designed more for cleaning rather than scouring so with light runs up and down the cue shaft it does not remove the wood in the way that sandpaper (even hi-grit sandpaper) does.
It does not require the use of any water. If you’re in between shots at the local league, the last thing you want to do is wipe your cue with a damp cloth and the next shot the cue is rubbing against your bridge and preventing you from feathering your shot.
Take your CuePad, run it lightly up and down your cue shaft once or twice, wipe the cue off with a dry micro-fibre cloth and you’re done. Cue feels super smooth and you’re ready to shoot in seconds.

You many have noticed that I’ve placed more emphasis on the fact these really work well and less on the fact that they are actual beautiful little pads, backed with prime leather hide, sourced here in England. They’re also environmentally friendly as we use leather offcuts from various upholsterers that would otherwise be wasted and thrown away.

Each CuePad is handmade! The pads are cut by hand; the leather cut by hand; the two bonded together by hand and they are then lovingly posted to you from our workshop on the Isle of Wight (so they’re also Brexit-proof!) hallelujah!

And that’s it. Simple, functional, stylish and incredibly reasonably priced! Enjoy!