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CueKit CuePad Antique Tan

Approximately 100mm x 70mm. Please keep in mind that we make these products from REAL leather off-cuts. Real leather often has small marks or natural imperfections and it’s those imperfections that makes it so special and unique.

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What are CuePads?

CuePads are small, palm size pads with a very light scouring surface on one side and luxury, top quality leather hide on the other.

What do they do?

They clean you snooker or pool cue beautifully, leaving a dry, clean, silky smooth surface without removing large quantities of wood from the shaft like sandpaper does.

Who makes them?
CueKit, a small company on the Isle of Wight, the owner of which is a lifelong snooker and pool player who once played the bars and clubs of the UK, Europe and the US.

The goal of the CuePad is to..

  • Provide a product that very effectively cleans your snooker or pool cue with minimal abrasion of the wood.
  • Provide a product that leaves the absolute best cue surface and one that can be immediately used without the need to allow the cue to dry.
  • Provide a product small enough to pack into any case or pocket without having to squeeze it in.
  • Provide a product which looks good! We wanted something you could proudly take out in a snooker hall, something that wouldn’t dip in or knock over your mate’s drink and something that looks a little more classy than a beer towel..
  • A product that held to the 3 principles of recycling: reduce, reuse, recycle.
  • A product produced entirely here in the UK using domestically sourced materials.
  • A product that would showcase the quality of goods that can be produced in the UK and particularly here on the Isle of Wight!

Why are CuePads better than sandpaper or other traditional scrubs?
Years ago many of us pinched one of our Mum’s green scouring pads and kept it in our cue case to clean our cue between frames. They were brilliant at removing the grime and dirt particles that build up on the cue shaft through use but they had the disadvantage of removing wood from the shaft. Some used fine sandpaper to do the job but this removed even more wood and eventually the shape, weight and dynamics of the cue would be irrevocably altered. 
One of the manufacturers of scouring pads does, however, produce a much finer version of the that much loved Scotch Brite, one that’s designed for lighter applications and on surfaces that will easily scratch. This finer version is designed to clean and loosen dirt in the same way but is much kinder to the material it’s being used on. The downside is it’s only sold to industry and on enormous rolls, it’s target market really being specialised cleaning companies. It’s this material that we have used to create CuePads. The dirt, sweat and fibres on a cue don’t require hefty abrasion to loosen them but they do require some, which is why a cloth or paper towel won’t quite get the worst grime off the cue and also need to be damp when used. That means the cue will also be slightly damp if used immediately after such a clean, which is not ideal for obvious reasons. CuePads leave the cue bone dry and silky smooth and just require a single wipe with a dry cloth afterwards to remove the loosened grime. For this latter purpose we recommend CueCloths.

 A second advantage to the CuePads is their size. I don’t want to be lugging huge microfibre cloths around the snooker clubs with me and nor do I want to be trying to stuff such a cloth inside my cue case. CuePads are the size of an average lady’s palm area and as such fit perfectly in any cue case. 

Lastly, CuePads look and feel the part. They look and feel expensive because they’re made of high quality materials and are a perfect match for a leather cue case and treasured cue.

Where are they made?
They are all produced in our workshop in East Cowes on the Isle of Wight. Each CuePad is literally handmade, from the cutting of the leather and scouring material to the gluing together to the final trimming and finishing. As such, each CuePad is unique. The target size of an Original CuePad is circa 100mm x 70mm. However because each one is hand finished then every CuePad will be a a mm or two different to the next one. We also need to maximise the use of the leather pieces we receive and not have large cast-off bits which are wasted. So a piece that’s 24cms long may result in 3 CuePads that are 80mm wide whereas a piece that’s 20.9cms wide may end up producing 3 CuePads of 69mm width each. We try our best to use every mm of the leather we receive, something which also respects both the environment and the animals the hide came from.

But don’t they cost a fortune?
If we used whole hides of leather they certainly would as this kind of top quality hide is prohibitively expensive. However, we purchase British sourced leather off-cuts from large furniture and clothing manufacturers and that allows us to keep the costs down to such a point that we’re able to sell them at about what a normal snooker scrub or a couple of microfibre cloths would cost. 

Please note, however, that the leather we use is not “recycled leather”, it’s “leather off-cuts”. There is a huge difference between these two. Leather off-cuts are just that.. small pieces of leather unused from the manufacturing process. “Recycled leather” is tiny crumbs and bits of leather compressed together to form a sheet of material that feels like leather but is not what we understand leather to be in the traditional sense. Recycled leather, due to the process it goes through to make it, does not smell of leather and therefore feels quite synthetic. CuePads, on the other hand, have that gorgeous leather smell that can only be found on good quality hide.

And what about the environment?

CuePads effectively do their part. We’re recycling small leather pieces that might otherwise be discarded. Reduce, reuse, recycle.